Monday, September 10, 2012

Blasted Heath: Every Day Is A Blast

Fascinating characters / Gripping Stories / Deadly writing

Blasted Heath - a digital publisher, launched in 2011 already has an impressive catalogue of distinct works from well known and up and coming authors. An initial roster including the likes of Ray Banks, Anthony Neil Smith and Douglas Lindsay coupled with relative newcomers Gary Carson and Brian Pendreigh set a high standard which has been maintained with each book published under the imprint.

This series of blog posts will feature one Blasted Heath title (in no particular order of release/review rating) that I’ve read over the next seven days. While there are many more books than the seven I’ve chosen, I think my selection provides a good mix of genres and authors from the digital publisher. I’ve also made sure to include two newer releases in ‘Hot Wire’ by Gary Carson and ‘Fireproof’ by Gerard Brennan as a means of keeping up to date with the publishers release schedule.

The reviews for the books, new and circa 2011 can also be found on,, and

I should also say a big THANK YOU to Allan Guthrie who was kind enough to provide me with review copies of the books.

The reviews, social commentary and any misinterpretations are mine alone.

Picking the magnificent seven wasn’t easy, and with so many good books in the stable I’ll likely revisit this series later in the year/early new year on the blog. For now, here’s the list of upcoming blog posts for my Every Day Is A Blast series:

Day 1: Anthony Neil Smith – All The Young Warriors
Day 2: H.J. Hampson – The Vanity Game
Day 3: Gary Carson – Hot Wire
Day 4: Ray Banks – Dead Money
Day 5: Douglas Lindsay – The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson
Day 6: Gerald Brennan – Fireproof
Day 7: Damien Seaman - The Killing of Emma Gross

View more on Blasted Heaths website:

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