Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: BECOMING QUINN by Brett Battles

Becoming Quinn - A Jonathan Quinn NovellaOne of the better 'origin' stories I've read. Jake Oliver (Quinn) is an honest cop too smart for his own good. First on the scene of a suspected arson, he soon uncovers clues about a more sinister crime, one that will lead him down a path of shattered dreams, fallen friends, and ultimately, a new profession.
Author Brett Battles instils a sense of the familiar to the origin tale by opening the novel with a scene likened to any of the Quinn books to date: A hit team on a mission with the 'cleaner' the eyes of the op. Durrie, the cleaner in BECOMING QUINN is cold, calculated, highly observant, and somewhat weighed down by the seemingly incompetent hitmen accompanying him on the op. It's easy to draw comparisons between Durrie and Quinn even at this early junction. Jake the 22yr old cop from Phoenix, Durrie, the professional clearer of murder sites operate in a similar manner despite their initially differing occupation.
I liked the way Battles added an emotional element to this take on the rookie cop. Enlisting the services of fellow rookie, Berit, a hard working female officer who recognises the seriousness of the crime and implications associated with evidence overlooked by the subdivision detectives, Battles ensures that the omnipresent danger lurking within the unsanctioned duo's investigation is more reality than sidebar.
BECOMING QUINN is fast paced, while not in league with other Quinn novels, the police procedural aspect borders on noir - it's perhaps more darker than the Quinn cleaner novels by virtual of it's unsanctioned, off-the-grid investigation by Jake and Berit which ultimately culminates in the creation that is Jonathan Quinn. I really enjoyed this - 5 stars.

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