Sunday, March 24, 2013

Advance Review: SCARE ME by Richard Parker

Scare MeFear is motivation in Richard Parker’s SCARE ME, a thriller where the blue collar meets coppery red violence. This gripping and intense story of one man’s plight to save his daughter from her twisted captures pulls no punches.

Will Frost, a wealthy businessman is awoken in the early hours of the morning by a mysterious caller asking if he’s googled himself. From that moment on, life as he knows it ceases to exist with dreams making way for a living nightmare as he travels half way around the world to bring his pregnant daughter and her boyfriend home to safety.

The killer in this story is sadistic, inventive, and overtly cruel using not only visual aides to demonstrate their habit but also employing tactics to further deep emotional trauma on their victims.

Will is an endearing protagonist anchored by his wife and business associates. He maintains humility despite an abundance of wealth with family and friends the most important aspect of his life. The killer knows and exploits this in an all too realistic and devilish manner.

SCARE ME is an engrossing, addictive, and all consuming thriller by an author who looks to have mastered the craft of suspense and heart pounding action. I highly recommend SCARE ME.  


  1. this book looks really good, I will check my library for it now

  2. Weeee! I've got this one on the pile, now it's just moved to the very top!