Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: EIGHTBALL BOOGIE by Declan Burke

Eightball BoogieHarry Rigby is a research consultant; a PI who also sells scandal to the tabloids as well as the usual workings typical of the profession. In EIGHTBALL BOOGIE, Rigby is hired by a shady but prominent community figure to find proof of his wife’s infidelity. Seems simple enough, however, when the path of the investigation crosses another one involving murder, family drama, and his own safety, Rigby soon learns what its like to stand a little too close to the fire.

Set in Ireland, author Declan Burke really instils a sense of time and place which separates EIGHTBALL BOOGIE from the Americanised hardboiled tales. However – fans of Spillane will pick up similar speech patterns in Harry Rigby comparable to Mike Hammer (only slight but it’s there). Yet it’s the omnipresent gray that shrouds Rigby’s every move that proves to be most memorable. For what appears to be a light-hearted protagonist, he’s no stranger to dishing out punishment – though not quite as frequently as he absorbs it. Every lie uncovered places Rigby in more danger than the last. The constant threat to his and his family’s life hangs over the story like a storm cloud waiting to rain down.

The plot stated off relatively simple and seemed like a true to formula PI story before evolving into a much more complex mystery with three distinct plot threads interlocking in a smart and convenient way that’s quite plausible. While some readers may disagree with the ease by which the threads come together, I for one, thought Burke did a great job at planting the seeds to wrap them in a single bundle.

This was my first read of a Declan Burke book and it certainly won’t be my last. Harry Rigby is as an original PI type as there is and I look forward to reading more stories about this interesting character, particularly after the events of EIGHTBALL BOOGIE.

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