Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: OF DARKNESS AND LIGHT by Barry Graham

Of Darkness and LightGary Scott’s past and present collide by virtue of a run down house where the Bogey Man feels all too real.

“I’m the Bogey, Bogey, I’m the Bogey Man. I’m there when it gets dark to kill you if I can.”

Gary Scott, editor of the City Review lives a life akin to his blue collar existence. It’s one of meetings, deadlines, women, office confrontation, mediation, journalisms, and something dark and disturbing lurking in the shadows. The early stages of the novel see Gary’s stumble upon the gruesome corpse of a murdered dog near his girlfriends flat, seeing an angle for a story he quickly snaps some photos and proceeds to the office to write about the discovery and the ensuring police investigation. Little did he know that the dog was the start of a much larger and macabre series of events which would leads to suicide, murder, and a near death experience for Gary himself.

Despite the obvious graphic and violent end to the harmless animal at the beginning of the book, author Barry Graham allows protagonist Gary Scott to grow into his role at the magazine prior to thrusting more violence upon him. I liked the subtle approach to the supernatural by which Gary’s day job morphs into a medium for the spooky tales to emerge from the depths of an unknown evil. There are some great b-grade horror movie-like scenes, notably where a female character comes at Gary with a sharp object after taking that same object to herself.

There is something darker in the background that wasn’t explored to the extent I had imagined but it works well as Graham lulls the reader into a false sense of normalcy before brining the creatures that go bump in the night right to the forefront. A nice subtle form of horror not to be missed.

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