Thursday, April 4, 2013

Delayed Gratification [3] - Books doing 'time' on the shelf

This series of blog posts examines books I’ve acquired which have spend considerable time on the shelf for one reason or another (in some cases many years). In an attempt to rediscover what attracted me to these books in the first place, each fortnight I plan on revisiting a handful with the aim to push them up the TBR pile and rekindle my interest.

This third post is more reflection of my genre of choice with books by Elmore Leonard and Anthony Neil Smith featuring. The books featured as a mix of kindle and print which I had fully intended to read shortly after acquiring yet have neglected to get to them for some time.
DjiboutiFirst up is DJIBOUTI by none other than Elmore Leonard. I’m a huge fan of Leonard (and his son) and have read many of his highly enjoyable novels over the years. DJIBOUTI was a must have as soon as I could, I preordered a copy and had intended to read as soon as it arrived on my doorstep. Yet my reading didn’t turn out as I had planned and it’s been overlooked until now.
What attracted me to DJIBOUTI in the first instance (apart from being written by Elmore Leonard) was the very cool cover; the story seems a lot of fun too.
Read more about DJIBOUTI on Goodreads:
The Loneliest THE LONELIEST by Stacy Cochran is a psychological thriller about an author who has had to endure the loss of his wife and come to terms with loneliness. There’s a bit of crazy to this one as the blurb indicates the protagonist struggles with voices real or otherwise and a blending of reality and fiction which threatens to overcome his sense of self. This is a book that I’ve been wanting to read for about a year or so. Very long overdue.

Read more about THE LONELIEST on Goodreads:

PsychosomaticPSYCHOSOMATIC is the only book by the very awesome Anthony Neil Smith that I’m yet to read. I’ve loved everything he’s written and am very much looking forward to delving into this one. PSYCHOSOMATIC is Antony Neil Smith’s debut novel and judging by the online reviews I’ve read it’s just as good as his later books.
Read more about PSYCHOSOMATIC on Goodreads:
If anyone’s interested, feel free to share your delayed gratification and post a link in the comments to this post. Hopefully a gem or two will be unearthed.
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