Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review: SATAN'S LAMBS by Lynn S. Hightower

Satan's LambsSATAN’S LAMBS is more police procedural than PI yet this off balance of investigation and blind luck leads to an interesting array of characters, leads, and unfortunate events. Lena Padget, is a smart and sassy PI who has a somewhat undefined relationship with the law by virtue of her romantic encounters with Detective Mendez. Like any PI novel, the hardnosed dick has some form of interaction with the boys in blue, and in this case is more between sheets than competing for justice.

SATAN’S LAMBS is driven by the kidnapping of a 4yr old boy presumably to be used in a sacrifice as part of an offering to the devil by a satanic cult. What makes this horrific tale even more sinister is the link between Lena’s brother in-law (and murderer of her sister and nephew) and the case of the missing boy. I got the feeling there was much more to Lena’s back story with this event mentioned but not elaborated to any great depth. There are also a number of characters with whom Lena has built a relationship which feels as though this were a second or third in a series rather than book 1.

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While there are a number of tension brimming moments and intoxicating chases (the ending was pretty well constructed), I felt SATAN’S LAMBS was a little two dimensional with all those characters on the prophetical needing more fleshing out. I just didn’t find myself caring for much other than the core plot element surrounding the missing boy.

Despite its shortcomings, the first boy in the Lena Padget mysteries is well worth the read. It’s thrilling, fast paced and a tad menacing. The cult aspects and lone wolf actions of Lena are worth the price of admission.
SATAN’S LAMBS originally featured on my blog via the Delayed Gratification series of posts. This was a book I’m glad that didn’t continue to sit on my shelves. View the post HERE

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