Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: POINT & SHOOT (Charlie Hardie #3) by Duane Swierczynski

Point and ShootCharlie Hardie is as resilient as they come. He’s had to endure gross physical pain in order to protect his family from the Accident People and fend off a larger Secret America organisation which threatens to tear the fabric of reality as he knows it. Once again confined to a small space and segregated from those he loves, Hardie is teased with a glimpse of his family via a satellite picture beaming images from earth direct to his outer space prison. It keeps him sane – to a degree.

Tasked with guarding some precious piece of information, all Hardie knows is that outer space is the only way to keep the information secure with him the permanent custodian. Day bleeds into day, night to night, the mundane chipping away at his mental state. SSDD until an unexpected visitor crashes his solitude and Charlie comes face to face with a more disturbing form of reality then he could have ever imagined.

POINT & SHOOT, the third (and hopefully not final) pulp in the Charlie Hardie series is a hell of a book. Swierczynski crafts a fun pulply tale that’s outlandish yet disturbingly plausible. As Hardie does everything imaginable to protect his wife and teenage son from his mysterious adversaries, the reader is enveloped in the story, feeling every inch of pain along with Charlie.

What makes this series great is the length Swierczynski goes to in order to maintain diversity. Accident People in FUN & GAMES, an underground prison in HELL & GONE, and an outer space experience in POINT & SHOOT. The one constant being good writing ad engaging storytelling.

Side note. I couldn’t help but think Swierczynski incorporated a little bit of Bloodshot (Valiant comics) into Charlie Hardie in POINT & SHOOT.

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