Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: THE CHIMERA VECTOR by Nathan Farrugia

THE CHIMERA VECTOR is an intense, high octane tech-fi action thriller that blends Crichton, Clancy and Reilly to create a no holds barred worldwide futuristic look at plain sight gorilla warfare. Fusing together military science with precise and deeply plotted covert ops, THE CHIMERA VECTOR reads as one long action sequence balanced by well defined characters in Sophia, Jay, Damien, and Denton. Each with questionable origins and equally as questionable allegiances and agendas.

The Chimera Vector by Nathan M. FarrugiaThe fifth column is a secret agency shaping the world to its image. Creating terror when none exists and selling lies to the Government for a selfish cause. The general populace would shutter and rebel should the maniacal method be whispered on the wind.  THE CHIMERA VECTOR explores the notion of multiple types of humans coexisting with one having the potential to rule by fear and an iron fist, the other – a select and secretive group of reprogrammed agents trying to stop them.

The nod towards Crichton is apparent yet this is Farrugia’s own world with his own unique cast of characters and spin on the tech-fi sub genre. Each scientific revelation leads humanity down a path towards robotic instinct and action yet this futuristic look at a soulless weapon of flesh and blood seems entirely plausible, further exemplifying the dire and urgent nature of the ‘good guys’ to control this threat.

THE CHIMERA VECTOR is one of the few books in this genre that has left a lasting impression equal in plot and characters – the balance is maintained to perfection throughout. I’m interested to see where this cast and the far reaching plot spans in the follow-up THE SERAPHIM SEQUENCE.

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