Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Look at what's next: Upcoming Reads

Here's a quick glimpse at some of the books I'm planning to read and review over the next couple of weeks. True to my eclectic reading nature these books are quite diverse and represent a broad range of genres (though all do contain a little slice of noir :-)).

Zero at the Bone  I Can Transform You  Purgatory 

Of the three, ZERO AT THE BONE by West Australian author David Whish-Wilson has me the most excited. It's the sequel to LINE OF SIGHT - an except of my review is as follows:

LINE OF SIGHT is as noir as Australian fiction gets. While the bleak plot leaves little room for the Hollywood sunshine and rainbows ending, it does promote a realism that's hard to swallow - such is life.

Prostitution, murder, corruption (political and police), drugs, scams, and organised crime formulate the backbone of the story, yet the characters carry the load and are bound to remain imbedded in my mind for a time to come.

Full review HERE.

I CAN TRANSFORM YOU by Maurice Broaddus contains a novella and short story - the second in the Apex Voices Line (the first being PLOW THE BONES by Douglas F Warrick reviewed HERE). Published by Apex Publishers, it's a sci-fi noir and if it's anything like KNIGHTS OF BRETON COURT then readers will be in for a treat. Blurb is as follows:

From the dust of The Trying Times TM, corp-nations have risen up in place of failed governments, and twilight haze dropped down in place of the sky. The economy fell, and the Earth itself shot heavenward, transforming the very face of the planet into an alien landscape with towers punching past the new sky into one of many unknowns. Soon after, the jumpers started raining from among the blue lanterns that took the place of sun and stars.

Mac Peterson left the employ of LG Security Forces and now cobbles together a life in the shadows of the great towers, filling policing needs for people too unimportant for the professional corp-national security to care about. His ex wife, Kiersten, stayed behind on the Security Forces, working undercover. When she turns up dead alongside one of the tower jumpers, Mac pairs up with Ade Walters, a cyborg officer, to uncover who would try to hide Kiersten's death among the suicides.

PURGATORY by Ken Bruen - the latest book in the Jack Taylor series. I'm yet to read HEADSTONE (but will prior to reviewing PURGATORY). I've got to admit, I'm a little hesitant to read HEADSTONE and PURGATORY, given I was so underwhelmed with THE DEVIL (review on Goodreads.com). That said, Ken Bruen is one of my favourite authors and to be honest I'd likely read his shopping list should he publish one.


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