Saturday, November 30, 2013

Team Robot Blogger Award

Recently, the good folk at Angry Robot listed a bunch of awesome book blogs for their Team Robot Blogger Awards and held a separate secret (to the general public) Authors' Choice Award - and yours truly was fortunate enough to take home the authors' choice! This was unexpected and a great accolade by virtue of being recognised by the authors themselves. So to everyone who participated in the voting at Angry Robot - THANK YOU!

To the left is the trophy from the Angry Robot Books website that I'm to receive - as if that wasn't cool enough, I was also able to select three books from across the Angry Robot, Exhibit A, and Strange Chemistry catalogue - wow, great prizes!

I'll write a follow-up post with picks of the trophy in my hot little hands and the books I selected (which was a hard choice given the quality of books these guys publish).

Below are the links to the official awards post at Angry Robot/Exhibit A/Strange Chemistry:

- Angry Robot Books
- Exhibit A
- Strange Chemistry

Also, be sure to check out the respective sites for news on upcoming releases, and a list of the blogs nominated for the Team Robot Blogger Award.


  1. Congrats! That was a very cool thing Angry Robot did, giving back to the bloggers. :)