Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An advance look at HANG WIRE by Adam Christopher (coming in 2014)

HangwireThere’s a comic book and horror-like quality to the forthcoming novel by Adam Christopher that seems to take all that is good from the sub genres and mould it into a deliciously well crafted tale that gives life to the death that stalks the inhabitants of this semi fictitious San Francisco landscape – the place-setting for HANG WIRE.  

Local blog reporter, Ted is felled by an exploding fortune cookie whilst celebrating his birthday. Suffering head injuries, he can’t account for time or the strange events that seem to follow him. His partner, Alison, worried for his safety regularly checks in but apart from those interactions, we see little of Ted post accident. And the mystery begins...

There’s a killer lurking the streets, stalking his victims, desperately searching for that next outlet to feed his bloodlust; something to satisfy the craving, if only for a little while. The Hang Wire killer murders in macabre fashion, using wire as a means of hanging his victims (the tools of the trade a dead giveaway by virtue of the moniker) which not only strangles but nearly decapitates those unfortunate enough to meet his deadly embrace. Highwire, part of a circus act and hero of sorts has caught wind of this killer and wants to stop the menace – sounds like a scripted superhero/villain tale, yet author Adam Christopher ensures there’s so much going on that the reader can’t easily adjust to a single theme - enter the Gods in mortal disguise.

For many years Gods and other elements have walked amongst the mortal, taking human form and entire bloodlines as their own. Some thirst for blood, others the more tranquil life – some have converged on San Francisco as history looks to repeat itself. The fire under the city threatens to burst and rain down hell upon the unsuspecting citizens – enter golems, horror, and a... circus? Yep, a travelling circus.

There’s only so much praise you can heap on a book, and I’m going to lay it on thick here. HANG WIRE is a damn cool book. It’s the perfect example of deep and well thought-out characterisation, diversification, multi dimensional plotting, and clever (and at times poetic) writing. Each chapter could easily read as a self contained short story yet it’s the intrinsically well linked and overlapping plot that binds these gems into a greater beast that dares the reader to tame it – be warned, you can’t... and you’ll love Adam Christopher for it.

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