Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review: STALK ME by Richard Parker

Stalk MeSTALK ME is an intense and clever thriller that thrusts the reader into a world devoid of reason and brimming with suffocating paranoia. For Mary and her husband, slowly and steadily building a life together, times are starting to look up; successful job, new house, and then disaster strikes. Mary’s picture perfect reality becomes a fractured and damaged portrait of a happy marriage hung inside a broken frame. The catalyst; a fatal car accident that, while on face value, is the root cause, is actually  the tip of the iceberg which turns Mary’s blood splattered life ice cold.

Recovering (physically at least) from the accident, Mary soon learns that her trauma is public property when youtube clips of the incident go viral. Her actions displayed for all to see; the lashing out at passer-bys, the struggle with paramedics, the death of her husband. In an age where celebrity is everyone and anything, not even the most personal of moments is excluded from the circus. It’s this present day environment and use of social media that spans a cross continent mystery involving the deaths of many of those present at the accident scene that fateful day and the broader uncovering of a life Mary had thought she knew she was living.

Mimic, the serial killer underpinning the deaths in STALK ME, is a well defined monster, who looks and acts the part of a determined purposeful killer – to him, murder is a job, one he’s skilled and passionate about. Unfortunately for Mary and her family, she’s within his sights.

Like SCARE ME, author Richard Parker has written another edge of your seat thriller that, if anything else builds upon his capacity to spin an utterly engrossing and complex thriller. STALK ME is one book where you won’t be able to determine the rationale behind the heinous events nor establish a link between the disturbing social media parade of injustice and Mary’s personal life – which makes for great reading.

STALK ME is one of the best books of 2014 so far and I have little doubt it’ll end up on my end of year lists.

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