Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: SALARYMAN UNBOUND by Erza Kyrill Erker

Salaryman UnboundWhite collar crime runs red in this exceptionally well executed noir of an unassuming office worker with a macabre fascination for murder.

Iwasaki Shiro; family man, provider,  middle aged, hardworking, murder obsessed is the central character who, on face value seems to have all a family man could want. However,  scratch the surface and the truth bleeds through. Tired of not being respected by his kids, fed up with his controlling wife, set up for a fall by his work - his thoughts become dominated by a desire to kill. Anyone.

What makes SALARYMAN UNBOUND work so well is Shiro's inability to follow through despite his best intentions. Throughout the novel opportunities present yet there is always something getting in the way, prohibiting that ultimate act of violence. Adding to this is a deeper plot that doesn't become apparent until the final pages. Author Ezell Kyrill Erker executes one smart and compounding twist that both compliments and turns the plot on its head.

If I were to compare Ezell Kyrill Erker to other authors for style and subject matter I'd best describe him as a mix of Jason Starr and Ryu Murakami. Equally as talented and if SALARYMAN UNBOUND is anything to go by, an equally successful career looms.

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