Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: CLOWN FATALE by Victor Gischler

Clown Fatale by Victor GischlerFour deadly sirens are mistaken for undercover assassins when visited by a broker at the circus. Each of the female clowns comes from different walks of life but they all share a common bond; the want of cash and a better life. So when opportunity knocks to knock-off a target for a cool 50k they reluctantly, then relish the opportunity, revelling in a sinfully sexy new killer persona.

Then comes the second chapter and the Serbian Death Squad; the true killers the sexy clown fatales are mistaken for. Midway through this book, author Victor Gischler ramps up the body count while delivering  insight into each fatales predicament. This is a bloodbath but Gischler still makes each of his killer clown crew unique and believable.

As the third chapter gets underway, Gischler provides a brutal demonstration in the escalation of violence. It’s clear, that despite their occupation, these clowns are babes built for carnage not laughs.

Overall, CLOWN FATALE is incredibly violent and completely entertaining. Gischler leaves a small glimmer of hope for further instalments of these killer clowns while closing the door on this story arc.

The art (by Maurizio Rosenzweig) and inks (by Moreno Dinisio) compliment the scrip perfectly and are flawless in delivering a vivid image equally sexual and murderous.

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