Thursday, September 4, 2014

Catching Up On Crime: A CRY IN THE NIGHT by Whit Masterson

A Cry In The NightFrom the back of the book:
12.10 a.m. When he pulled the girl out of the darkened car his intentions were simple—and terrible … 2.30 a.m. The tough police lieutenant found that the stolen girl was his daughter … 3.57 a.m. A Shore Patrolman spotted the girl’s purse in a trash can outside the window of a Skid Row hotel … 4.20 a.m. There was nothing in the bare hotel room but a torn up bed, a shattered window, a packet of needles, and icepick, a pair of pliers … It was 5.20 a.m. before the police picked up the trail again …

My Review:
A police procedural that doesn't follow the typical route of question and answer investigation, rather, A CRY IN THE NIGHT is proactive police work depicted from the inner sanctum of police head quarters.

From officers on patrol to those who take the calls, A CRY IN THE NIGHT is all inclusive as head quarters goes into panic mode when a missing woman is later identified as the Sergeant's daughter, Liz Blossom.

Kidnapped by deranged sex fiend Hill Loftus, drugged and without hope of escape, Blossom's life is dependent upon her fathers ability to rally the troops; hoping they draw blood before hers is spilt by the hands of her captor.

A CRY IN THE NIGHT is a fast paced linear police procedural spanning a single night as the police try to locate Liz before Loftus has his way. The multiple points of view seamlessly integrate to form a smooth and engaging narrative that stands the test of time remarkably well.

Originally published in 1955, A CRY IN THE NIGHT reads as modern day crime fiction untouched by computers and cell phones.

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