Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: BROKEN MONSTERS by Lauren Beukes

Broken Monsters"I opened them up to let the dreams out, and then I made them into the dreams they wanted. That should have been enough."
BROKEN MONSTERS is a police procedural that exemplifies the deranged and mentally afflicted mind of a demented serial killer beyond redemption. Through Detective Gabriella Versado, the reader gains an insight into the world of policing in Detroit amidst a proverbial media shit storm following the unearthing of some macabre art involving a young boy and animal remains.
Despite having her hands full with tracking down the killer, Detective Versado also has to contend with her too-smart and cop-savvy daughter, Layla who unwittingly finds herself deeply involved in the case. 

Author Lauren Beukes does a great job at writing her lead heroine in Detective Versado as both a parental and public authoritative figure. BROKEN MONSTERS isn't just about a serial killer, it's about relationships and the broader impacts of policing on families and the community (by virtue of an over enthusiastic blogger, Jonno).

Readers are treated to a break in the narrative by virtue of blog entries, differing perspectives and a look at way social media and texting impacts/implicates the cast of characters. I also liked the idea of some of the more ghostly spiritual references, notably the use of some rather spooky doors drawn into the walls and floors of abandoned buildings. These secondary elements really enhanced the core premise of the book.

I think BROKEN MONSTERS caters to a broad reader base and will appeal crime and horror junkies.   
"Was it real?"
"Yes. It was all real . It lives in me now. If you've seen it, there's a splinter of it in you too. We can change the world. You just have to open the door."

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