Sunday, March 29, 2015

Review: PRIEST by Ken Bruen (Jack Taylor #5)

Priest (Jack Taylor, #5)PRIEST follows on from the shocking events at the end of THE DRAMATIST and is every bit as good as it predecessor. The only gripe I have, is Bruen tends to lean towards the formulaic, albeit, a formula he devised himself with THE PRIEST mirroring THE DRAMATIST in many ways; the cases are in the peripheral and there is a death that once again threatens to turn the reformed Jack Taylor into the drug addled drunk he once was.

Without spoiling the story, lets say Jack Taylor is back to his…err, best while at the same time being a little different and more well rounded. 

PRIEST is littered with easter eggs for Bruen fans including references to THE KILLING OF THE TINKERS and provides further insight into some of the more memorable characters Bruen has created throughout the series. Reading PRIEST you get a real sense that this is but one piece of the larger Jack Taylor story. 

I'm enjoying my reread of this series with each book being equal to or better than the first read. 

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