Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Catching Up: DISINTEGRATION by Scott Nicholson

DISINTEGRATION is a twisted thriller with a killer ending. It's a book built on pain and tragedy which morphs into murder. 

Lust conquers loves as Jacob, a successful businessman and wife Renee gradually slip away from one another following the unfortunate deaths of their two children through separate horrific events. It's at this juncture in their relationship that Jacob's thoughts turn to a former flame - though the flame in question may not be as enamored in Jacob as he is in her. Enter the deranged twist that derails all preconceptions of the book.

Through a less than inspired act of introducing Joshua, Jacobs 'evil' twin, author Scott Nicholson, eventually turns DISINTEGRATION into a pretty decent read. One that I would've liked much more had there been a natural progression of storytelling to introduce this element. Renee's discovery of Joshua, the twin previously kept hidden from Renee by Jacob didn't feel right to me - perhaps I missed something. Either way, it took a while for me to get over it and enjoy the spate of event proceeding his arrival. However, once established, Nicholson does a great job at making this character memorable.

DISINTEGRATION is a book worth checking out, I found the beginning good, middle a little average, and ending great.   

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