Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: REDBONE by Matt Phillips

25530357Calvin G. Redbone lives in a trailer park, works a steady job, and has a small group of friends. He's also got a baseball bat - which happens to be the tool of choice for Redbone's one way ticket to self destruction.

When his closest friend Mister is found dead in his trailer. Redbone can't accept the cause as suicide; Mister had to have been forced to eat his gun and Redbone is determined to prove the police wrong.

Enter Mister's estranged son looking to cash in on Mister's death, an out-of-town real estate developer with plans to build a mall on land Mister may or may not have owned (there is some debate about this), and Redbone's own boss who has ties to the out-of-town developer. Forming a connection of coincidences, Redbone sniffs a conspiracy and sets out to cause casualties.

The linear plot follows the main character in Redbone with little deviation from his grief stricken madness. He losses everything, interacts with some peripheral characters and causes mayhem. I kept waiting for a killing spree or some twisted turn that would compliment Redbone's state of mind, however the additional content, despite being teased (the land ownership and Redbone's boss's gambling problems to name a few) didn't come to fruition. Which isn't to say I didn't enjoy the book, I did, I just think it would've benefited from having more depth to compliment the plot. 

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