Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Review: MICRO by Michael Crichton

MicroMICRO is a super smart, super entertaining book that showcases the authors breadth of knowledge and knack for solid story telling in the fields of science and fiction respectively.

Nano technology is put to the extreme in MICRO as a billion dollar company looking to profit off war makes weapons that are undetectable and equally as difficult to stop. The use of miniature robotics combined with the distinctly pulp sci-fi theme of shrinking people and equipment makes for limitless storytelling easily adaptable across genres.

In this instance MICRO adopts a blend of action and horror as the reader follows a band of college students through the micro world (a small section of controlled forest) where they face dangers not commonly seen by the normal sized human.

The authors went to great lengths to make MICRO a multifaceted story about character, plot, and the infusion of genres to formulate a well balanced and entertaining piece of fiction that could, on the surface level, turn to reality one day... (though I hope not!).  


  1. Good to hear. I was hesitant to give this a read, with it coming after Crichton's death, but I've read some Preston and suspected he might have the right touch to wrap things up.

    1. I wasn't sure how this would play out too. It had been sitting in my tbr for a couple of years, glad I decided to read it.