Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review: KING OF THE BASTARDS by Brian Keene

King of the BastardsSwords, sorcery, swashbuckling, and plenty of violence - KING OF BASTARDS by Brian Keene reads like a golden era fantasy pulp pumped up on pulse pounding intoxicants. 

Brutality articulated battle scenes punctuate a provocative narrative that truly enhances the bastardy aspects of lead character Rogan as he traverses the wild seas and dangerous wilderness on his way to forging a legend built on bloody lore. 

Adopting a storytelling approach, insomuch that the events of KING OF THE BASTARDS have already taken place and are being retold to eager listeners whilst hinting at a preconceived outcome it doesn't give up the game - we don't know if Rogan lives or dies through this entertaining adventure, only that someone of his reunite survives to hand down the story which keeps the mystery alive (a lot longer than Rogan's foes!).

Think Red Sonja but more violent and you've got a good idea as to what to expect from reading KING OF THE BASTARDS. I couldn't read it quick enough, fingers crossed we get a chance to read more of Rogan and his widespread adventures and bloody conquests. 

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