Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: HELLHOLE: INFERNO by Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert

Hellhole InfernoThe conclusion to the Hellhole sci-fi trilogy is both satisfying and sad. Sad, only because it's a shame to see these complex and unique characters' stories come to a close but equally satisfying in the way INFERNO was written. 

A gripe of mine with the earlier books was the lack of closure and cliffhanger-like endings which is not the case here. Authors Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert make sure to tie-up any loose ends and add some nice twists to keep the sci-fi interstellar epic fresh.

With the planet Hellhole destined for doom on two fronts; one at the hand of the planet conquering Diadem, the other, a rogue faction of Ro-Xayans who want to destroy the planet to prevent the few surviving original Xayans and the newly converted human shadow-xayans from reaching ala-'ru - a mysterious spiritualist transcendence (which is revealed in the later stages of the book), General Adolphus rallies the defense forces of the  52 planets that comprise the Deep Zone along with the telepathy skills of the Xayans to forge a last stand against both threats. 

As you'd expect there is a degree of sci-fi military embedded in the plot yet the element is grounded by deep characterisation and interesting sub plots that encompass the political ramifications of war, commerce, and trade. Despite having an other worldly tone there are loads of humanist aspects to INFERNO to compliment the action sequences and make everything feel all the more 'real' while reading. 

I truly loved this trilogy and plan on rereading early next year. As for, HELLHOLE: INFERNO - it's a perfect way to end a very entertaining story. 

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