Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review: Hap and Leonard (short stories) by Joe R Lansdale

Hap and Leonard (short stories)This collection of short stories is a great way to get introduced to Hap and Leonard, two colorful characters that jump off the page and hit you like a ax handle the chops (read the book, you'll appreciate the statement). They're the private detectives who aren't quite private detectives; rather a pair of daring and courageous hard men with a moral compass who moonlight for a PI firm when they're not undertaking menial day jobs. They care for one another, those close to them (Brett for instance - Hap's longtime girlfriend) and take extreme measures to keep loved ones from harm - they're not afraid to shed blood and ask questions later - Leonard in particular.    

Not being overly familiar with the series of books, having only read VANILLA RIDE, I wasn't sure what to expect. Lucky I was treated to a novella and short stories that each read like a longer form of fiction. Author Joe R. Lansdale managed to pack a hell of a punch in each story. Well executed plotting, character depth, and a pleasant mix of humor and serious violence to balance things out. 

I can't name a favorite which is a rare thing in a collection such as this but each story was equally enjoyable. My advice to fans of the Hap and Leonard books - this is one you've got to have in your collection, and for those readers who aren't familiar with the series, I strongly recommend checking this out as a great starting point. 

I was provided a e-copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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