Friday, April 29, 2016

Review: THE MICHIGAN MURDERS by Edward Keyes

29870198Late in the 1960's Michigan saw a spate of extremely violent murders targeting young women. Each of the victims was sexually assaulted and murdered in a horrific and confronting manner which is hard to read let alone comprehend.

Local law enforcement struggled to link the murders; miss-stepping and a lack of early collaboration hindered the search for the killer. As the bodies piled up so did public ridicule. The author clearly articulates the frustration at not being able to obtain a clean cut conviction. It's a ride for the reader that's not easy to digest.

80% of this book is utterly engaging; reading more like graphic crime fiction than true crime. Such is the grisly manner of the murders, the reality doesn't set it until the long and somewhat drab trial proceedings; unfortunately this part did take something away from what is a well written book.

Each chapter gives ample time to the procedural aspects of the investigation as well as ensuring the victims' untimely murder is depicted in sufficient detail; a well rounded and written account is achieved.

For readers of true crime who have yet to check this out (originally published some time ago) I strongly recommend snapping up a copy.

I was provided an e-arc by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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