Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: NOD by Adrian Barnes

25733548Nod explores the slow disintegration of humanity through sleep deprivation. Reality is distorted as the conceptual fiction of the world of Nod turns fact in the eyes of the Awakened. A harsh insomnia overthrows the daily grind, replacing it with a hazed infused horror fun-house that strips the characters down to their basic need to just survive.  

While I was expecting a different story, Nod delivers in establishing a truly atmospheric semi-dystopian infused survival horror. 

Yet the most endearing element comes from the death of a long term relationship between Paul (one of the few Sleepers - people who are able to maintain nightly sleep) and his is partner Tanya (one of the many Awakened, those in a perpetual state of insomnia). Their close bond pre the end of the world balances on the edge of ending before falling over the void into nothingness. Add cult-like theorists and an easy manipulation of will, and Tanya and Paul's life together was going to always take a turn for the worse. Not forgetting the fact that the Awakened have a vastly shortened life span as it is. 

I sympathize with other reviews I've read; the story ends without providing full closure a with a couple of plot threads left hanging. However, I didn't find these complaints overbearing and still enjoyed the book for the most part. 

I was provided a copy of Nod by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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