Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Conclusion to The Passage Trilogy (The City of Mirrors)

The City Mirrors is many books in one. At times, you'll forget you're reading a post apocalyptic survival horror in favor of a coming of age story heavily seeped in love, loss, and the harsh realization of consequence, only to be then thrust back into a violent world where normalcy revolves around keeping watch and the fortification of townships to keep the night terrors at bay. 

Despite it's size, The City of Mirrors reads fast. It's not a tome that feels like the flick of a page is never ending, if anything, I wanted more and more. More Amy, more tales of survival in New York and the hardships faced when confronted with the virals, more of the island settlements, and ultimately more from the Indo-Australian populace and how it came to be. That's not to say there wasn't enough story, because there was but rather a compliment to the engrossing tale Justin Cronin weaved throughout the three volumes. 

The City of Mirrors is a truly satisfying conclusion to The Passage Trilogy.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Would I re-read? Yes (to the whole trilogy)

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