Wednesday, November 23, 2016

THE NICE GUYS: The Official Movie Novelization

Charles Ardai is one of my favorite authors, under the alias, Richard Aleas,  he's penned two of the most enjoyable Hard Case Crime books I've read in Little Girl Lost and Songs of Innocence as well as the epic 50 to One under his own name, also by Hard Case Crime. This time 'round Ardai puts his skills to use, adapting the The Nice Guys screenplay into a laugh out loud buddy cop-like story that captures the essence of the characters beautifully and adding that little bit extra. 

Holland March is a private eye, hired to track down deceased porn star, Misty Mountains - wait, she's supposed to be dead right? Not according the elderly woman who swears she saw her briefly before Misty turned heel and did a runner from her home - the day after flipping her car and officially being declared dead. March is a guy with questionable ethics, and he's sure as hell not about to let an easy payday pass him by. He takes the case but it doesn't turn out at all like he had hoped...

Jackson Healy is the tough guy who was hired by Amelia, a young woman with a striking resemblance to Misty, to put the hard word on a man (March) who had been snooping around her. 

The two cases collide in a wave of conspiracy, murder and evil schemes that neither could have predicted. 

I read the book before watching the movie and have got to say, the novelization was better - which is to take nothing away from the buddy-cop laugh out loud premise of the movie - they were both very fun to read / watch. 

The human is on point, the story rushes along at breakneck speed, jumping from one problem to the next as the 'heroes' bundle their way through the case.

I highly recommend checking out both forms of media.

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