Sunday, February 26, 2017

Review: THE NOWHERE MAN by Gregg Hurwitz

Publisher Penguin
Length 358 pages
Format paperback
Published 2017
Series Evan Smoak #2
My Copy provided by the publisher

My Review
The Evan Smoak books are fast becoming one of my favorite thriller series. Loaded with action and told at a frenetic yet well plotted pace, they are truly hard to put down. I consumed both Orphan X (book 1) and The Nowhere Man in quick succession in only a few sittings. Not only are they enjoyable to read, author Gregg Hurwitz envelopes in the reader in Evan’s secret and dangerous world making you feel part of the action.

The Nowhere Man sees Evan kidnapped and held at a mysterious location. His captures are a mix of eccentric and professional killers, led by Dex – a mute brimming with menace and murderous intent, and Rene Cassaroy – a wealthy and somewhat deranged eccentric whose life goal is the pursuit of eternal youth. So, how did Evan end up in this predicament? He bought a katana off the internet, the purchase tracked by Rene as part of a broader scheme to kidnap the wealthy and sell them back their lives at great cost. In Evan, Rene got more than he had bargained for.

Two of the more prominent characters from the first book return in Candy McLure and Orphan M, still on the hunt for Evan as one of the remaining rogue Orphans they’ve been tasked to decommission. There’s a little bit of a Smokin’ Aces feel to this aspect of The Nowhere Man as Candy and Orphan M discover they aren’t the only ones after Evan.

As you’d expect with an action thriller, there is a heap of action and thrills but it’s the characters that make the book what it is. Evan is well written and not without flaws. His past is further elaborated in cutaway scenes to his time with his mentor as well as his earlier missions whilst part of the Orphan program which make him read all the more real while the growing cast of characters each has their own unique voice while also bringing something different to the book.

The Nowhere Man is a great read, however, I recommend reading Orphan X first in order to familiarise yourself with the characters and to get a better perspective on where Evan is at in his post Orphan career. 5/5 stars. 

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  1. I don't understand what happened to Rene at the end if the book..he saw the hand thrown at him? The cops took him away? What happened to c