Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review: FELLSIDE by M.R. Carey

Publisher Orbit
Length 486 pages
Format paperback
Published 2016
Series standalone
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My Review
Fellside is a women's prison, it's also the place Jess, a drug addict convicted of murdering a young boy in a fire which she allegedly set in a drug addled haze, has been sent to serve her life sentence. It's here in the dark depths of Fellside that Jess will find answers to questions she didn't release she'd even asked herself. What if the little boy who died in the fire wasn't the same one she'd formed a bond with in-between fixes but someone else all together? What if Alex, if it had been him, had been dead already before the fire started? Could she still be a murderer? And what about John, her boyfriend and co-addict, what part, if any did he play in the fire?

Jess doesn't question the sentence handed down to her, so wrapped up in remorse she's willing to take the whole book if it's thrown at her. Upon entering Fellside she's all but resigned to a life behind bars until the day she dies. Going on a hunger strikes speeds the process, bringing her to the edge before the ghost of Alex haunts her. Giving her meaning, a mission of sorts; to find the truth to what happened that fateful night. 

Prison life is loaded with hardships, an omnipresent sense of impending danger, and violence at every turn. Author M.R. Carey does a great job at weaving prison life and all it's dangerous trappings into this cleverly written horror story. The inmates and prison staff give the book an added layer of depth, with side plots just as entertaining as Jess's story; Grace, Delvin, Sally and co all bring something different to the table, providing a sense of realism to the supernatural tone of the book.

I really enjoyed Fellside and can see me going back for a re-read at some stage. 5/5 stars.