Monday, July 31, 2017

Review: THE LONE CHILD by Anna George

Publisher Penguin Random House
Length 272 pages
Format softcover
Published 2017
Series standalone
My Copy provided by the publisher

My Review
Neve is a new mum on a sabbatical of sorts, living in semi-isolation along the Victorian Mornington Peninsula, the 30-something single finds herself adjusting to life with a newborn without any support from her ex or family, battling sleep deprivation, and having to deal with her father's poor business decisions which rubbed many of the locals the wrong way - he's on another continent avoiding the conflict, though this element of the story is largely glossed over in favor of Neve and the predicament she finds herself. In addition to this new period of adjustment, Neve has to content with a mysterious and dangerously malnourished young child seemingly forgotten about by her family or having run away into Neve's warm motherly embrace. 

The book primarily focuses on Neve and 'Jessie' as she's named by Neve as their relationship grows and Neve's motherly instincts strengthen to the point of unlawfulness; should Neve alert the authorities to 'Jessie' or should she keep her and care for her; a ready-made older sister for baby Cliff? This indecisiveness is interesting and well articulated as the rationale line of thought blurs with each new chapter.

On the flip side there's 'Jessie's' biological mother, a hard-luck skittish young woman who cleans for a living and couch surfs with her two children. When her eldest goes missing she leaves her youngest in their broken down car in the Mornington Peninsula in search of her. Her maternal instincts are questionable at times and her decision making is rash and made with snap judgment - the character provides a distinct contrast with Neve's well-to-do manner.

I really enjoyed The Lone Child; it's an interesting character study with an undercurrent of suspense and omnipotent threat of impending doom that kept me turning the pages.

My rating: 5/5 stars.  

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